Top 5 tips to stay fit & healthy while you travel

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Top 5 tips to stay fit & healthy while you travel


Are you tired of coming back from travel and/or holidays only to have to start from scratch with your fitness and healthy eating? Would you like to maintain your healthy and active lifestyle while you travel? This may be the blog for you. 

Stay fit and healthy while you travel with these top five tips:

1) Mix it Up! 

    Be open to trying fitness choices that you don’t usually try while you are travelling.

    Switch it up a bit in the hotel gym and do weights instead of cardio (or vice versa). Try out the hotel pool for a swim even if it’s not your usual thing.

    No hotel gym or pool at all? No worries. Be open to other forms of exercise. Try walking, hiking or running around the local area as a great way to not only exercise but to see the sights.

    Book in a class at the local dance, yoga or pilates studio and use it as an opportunity to try something new.

    If all of these options are still not suitable then you could try some simple use any time type fitness exercises such as sit ups, push ups, planks, lunges, bear crawls, squats, crunches, mountain climber twists, V-Ups etc. 

    There are many great exercise apps and videos to guide you for short or long workouts. 

    2) Get Organized

      To ensure that you keep up your fitness while you are travelling it will help to be organized.

      This means having the appropriate clothing and shoes for your trip. Have comfortable clothing and shoes that you will be able to travel in and to work out in while you are away. Research the weather for where you will be travelling and ensure you pack appropriately.

      For example pack: shorts/leggings, tshirt/tank top, comfortable underwear and sneakers.

      Pack the day or night before and not at the last minute. Check (and double check) that you have everything. 

      Lastly, don’t forget your bathers (oh yes I did). 

      3) Time Management

        When you are in holiday mode you will most likely find it hard to feel motivated to exercise. Or will you? If you have made the decision and set your intention to keep up your fitness then you can schedule it in just like your holiday activities (remember why you started).

        This could be a short workout at the beginning of the day or in the evening before dinner. Or you could schedule it in during your daily holiday activities. Whatever works for you. A bit of thought and planning will make keeping up your fitness more likely to succeed.

        Help each other out – if you have children to care for, take turns with a friend or partner going to the gym or for a run at a certain time each day or on alternate days.  This can also help to encourage and support each other in your fitness goals. Bonus!

        Or if this isn't possible or you would rather stay together, plan as a family or group some fun fitness related activities. This can include extreme type sports, fun family fitness like yoga, dancing, swimming, hiking, walking or running. What better way to encourage children to be fit and healthy.

        4) Healthy Choices

          Want to stay eating clean and healthy? Pack your own healthy food to take with you on the road. Buy fresh local produce or if this is not possible then from a local grocery store. This will ensure you continue to eat healthy food and as a bonus will save money. 

          Stay hydrated by drinking water, water, water and then more water! This is good for your body, hair and skin whilst travelling. Buy a bottle or take one with you and keep it with you wherever you go. 

          (Side note: research to ensure you are aware of rules and regulations around the food you can bring into and out of each state or country. This will not only save that area from possible pests but also save you from any fines).

          5) Be Flexible

            Be flexible with your healthy eating choices, your fitness schedule and routine after all, you are on holidays!

            For those travelling frequently it is also important to be flexible as you may need to adapt to the new schedule you are on, the new area you are to be living in and what is available in terms of food and fitness options.

            Enjoy the process of travelling and the new opportunities it can bring. Think outside the square, meet new people and have adventures.

            Or if you don’t feel like training today? Make it a rest day.

            Either way, don't forget to enjoy yourself. Life is short. 

            "Because in the end you won't remember that time you spent working in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain." Jack Kerouac.

            X Live what you love. 

            Rebecca Hunter



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