Miss Active Blog - Join Us Behind the Scenes

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Miss Active Blog - Join Us Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the Miss Active Blog! 

It has been something that I have been meaning to do since Miss Active began in July, 2016. I have struggled to find the time for blogs and I was not sure exactly where to begin or what people wanted to read about. So I figured that I will just take one step forward and start by starting. My hope is that we will receive your feedback about our blog and that you will tell us what you would like to read about.

In our Miss Active FB Group (which you are most welcome to join) we have had suggestions about food & nutrition including weightloss, fashion for women in sport and how to keep up fitness whilst traveling. I love these suggestions and will endeavor to write blogs on these topics.

I also thought it would be great to share with you a behind the scenes look at our brand and our start up business. I will delve into the business behind the scenes for you. What is it like to start a business from an idea? To build a community around your brand? I hope that discussing what this is like may help people who want to start their own business as I am sometimes asked about this. 

I also want to share with you blogs around fitness. Both my husband and I are very passionate about fitness.

I had a long break from competitive sport. This included the wonderful journey of having two children. Unfortunately I obtained a groin injury in my first birth. I found an excellent physio who suggested a cortisone injection which luckily was effective and I was able to return to exercise. I have slowly built up my fitness to being able to compete again in masters athletics (I competed in athletics and netball when I was younger). I am now in my second season and I am also weight training which I really enjoy.   

My partner is a National and State Champion Powerlifter (drug free). This involves dedicated year-round training and good nutrition. So our family enjoys lots of healthy eating and we schedule our fitness workouts to help each other achieve our goals. 

This is our lifestyle and how we live, which I believe is becoming more and more prevalent in or community today. Both physical and mental health are important for us as individuals and for our families. Our two children also enjoy sports such as athletics, soccer, swimming and football. 

Don't get me wrong - sport and fitness are not the only elements in our life! But we certainly find them important and enjoyable. 

Lastly I hope to blog about life in fashion including as a merchandiser, purchaser, stylist and image maker. I have worked with customers, brand reps, influencers and celebrities. 

Since starting this business two years ago I have been lucky enough to meet some absolutely amazing people from different walks of life. These people have important and interesting voices to be heard and I hope to interview people of interest in the fields of sport, fashion and business and share these interviews with you. 

So welcome to our blog and please join us in our journey here at Miss Active. We would love your feedback and suggestions so please comment below and share the love!

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Have a fab day!

x Rebecca Hunter