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Creating a Healthy Life for You

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Creating a Healthy Life for You

Finding your reason why

The reason I wanted to improve my health was to play with my young children and to improve my general health and well-being

◦Life has so many wonderful facets to it – working (full time, part-time, casual, working from home running a business, working as a full time parent)

◦We have many hats – mother/father, sister/brother, friend, employee/boss, son/daughter.

◦Take time to think about YOUR reason why

◦Take a moment now to think about why you want to have a healthy lifestyle and write down five dot points – these are your reasons why you want to be healthy

◦Examples of these could be –

◦To play with my children

◦To feel happy

◦To have good mental or physical health

◦To feel confident

◦Write these reasons down today 

Setting your intention and goals 

◦Once you decide that you would like to have a healthy lifestyle congratulations – you have set your intention (which is one of the hardest parts!)

◦Now that you have decided that a healthy lifestyle is something that you want to work toward you can now plan and set your goals that you wish to achieve

◦What are your goals? These may be different to what they were five years ago

◦Write down your top five goals

◦For example 5 years ago my goal was to improve my injury so that I could return to exercising and walk again.

◦I saw a physio, had treatment and was able to walk, run and then join a yummy mummy group training then a gym then yoga then now athletics and power-lifting training.

Scheduling and planning

In order to achieve your goals its good to plan your schedule in order to allow yourself to achieve your goals

Think about when you can take time to take that class, go for a walk or run

Use your calendar to plan your month – this will be your fitness schedule

Book in any classes ahead of time

Ask someone (partner, friend or help) to mind children or take over work flow in order for you to keep this scheduled time

Use services such as gyms with creches if needed

Finding your passion

◦Find an activity that you love to do or have always wanted to try!

◦Book it in and give it a try

◦Have you always wanted to try:

◦Pole Dancing



◦Yoga or Aerial Yoga

◦Cross fit or Power-lifting

◦Or if you know you love to run/walk/hike or swim or what ever your chosen activity is then go ahead and make time to do it.

◦ This will become a routine that you and your family will become use to.

◦You will find (if you don’t already) that this will be something you enjoy and look forward to – you will feel physically and mentally better for it

◦You may also enjoy the social aspect and look forward to this

Nutrition and Healthy Eating

◦A major part of a healthy lifestyle is to eat a healthy balanced diet


◦Eat a balanced diet (food pyramid)

◦Eat a lot of fibrous foods – vegetables, fruit

◦Eat the recommended amount of protein

◦Eat less fats, processed sugars and oils

◦When trying to loose weight (for a variety of reasons) it is best done over a reasonable period of time and things to consider are:

◦Eat less carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread)

◦Eat calcium but low fat (e.g skim milk, low fat yogurt and low fat cheese)

◦Consider the way you cook your food (grilled not fried or deep fried) and what is in the sauces (sugar, salt, fat)

◦Note that you need to be in a caloric deficit if you are trying to loose weight

◦Be aware of the nutrition facts and read them on packaging (RDI, % fat and sugar)

◦See a nutritionist and or GP regarding specific dietary requirements

Mental Health and Well-being

◦In addition to physical health we also need to maintain good mental health

◦It is important to spend time resting – whether that be meditation, a good book or a cup of tea with a friend

◦Find time to spend time on your own for a while every now and then

◦It ain't weak to speak. Talk to a friend or a doctor when you may need help.

◦Find time to rest and recover

◦Yoga and meditation are great ways to improve your health and well-being. Try a class or a DVD at home.

Motivation and Community 

◦One of the hardest parts of a healthy lifestyle (especially in the beginning) is finding the motivation to do it. Motivation is required daily.

◦Surround yourself with positive people and be positive yourself! Others will appreciate it.

◦Things will sometimes go well and sometimes not so well

◦Life will get in the way – and that’s OK.

◦Be kind to yourself and don’t let it stop you. 

◦Find support from your family, friends and community

◦Miss Active Facebook Group provides a community of men and women from around the world who are interested in fitness, health and nutrition and fashion and fun.

◦You are welcome to join our group by searching on FB under Miss Active Facebook Group or clicking on the Join Group button our Miss Active Facebook Page. 

Good luck with creating your healthy life! 

x Rebecca Hunter, Owner, Miss Active. 



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